Take a minute to stop by the New Designs page and tell us which pair of PJs you'd like to see next! With the boys already having the Priestly's™ - as we like to call them - it's time for the girls to get their jammies too. Check them out!
Why pajamas indeed.

Sometimes I still wonder and have to remind myself: no, what I'm doing isn't crazy. In fact, it's a very good thing to work for more daily, faith integration for myself and others. What better way to achieve that than by wrapping up our normal, daily activities with the richness of our faith?

That's the goal with AMDG Clothing™. I wanted to create an everyday product that we're all familiar with, but... make it Catholic.

Enter the "Priestly Pj™"

The Priestly Pj™ (and future Saintly Sleepers™) are most certainly an everyday product... BUT... they are more than that. They offer a very unique avenue for faith integration into the home. They achieve the dual goal of daily life coupled with faith.

So, when I need a good reminder of why pajamas? I need only wait till bedtime: